What schools do you teach in?

Last year we started offering lessons at Connaught School, located downtown. This year we are continuing lessons there and have a few other potential schools in mind. Once we receive the go-ahead from the CBE we will release the details!

How long are lessons?

Lessons for children grades K-2 receive 20 minute lessons while the older students receive 30 minute lessons.

What are the requirements for being a teacher?

We recommend a minimum of Grade 6 RCM to be a teacher. However, we have teachers from last year without this requirement who have taught; it depends on how comfortable you are with your teaching ability! While previous teaching experience is an asset we provide training and several of our previous volunteers have had no prior experience.

Do you provide teaching materials?

Yes, we offer teaching resources such as printable worksheets and teaching workshops. The book series we are currently using is the Piano Adventure Series. You are free to supplement your teaching with your own music/resources as well. If you currently teach piano and use a different book or have your own material you would like to use you are free to use them after getting approval from the executive team in order to ensure a standard of teaching with our students.

But I don’t play piano/know music?

That’s alright! While you wouldn’t be able to volunteer teach, we are always looking for people who can help out with club operations such as fundraising, doing classroom presentations, promoting our club etc. In fact, several of our executives don’t have any music experience!