To enhance the lives of and learning opportunities for at-risk youth through a structured music program that continues throughout the school year. The Heart of the City Piano Program (HCPP) encourages students to make positive lifestyle choices.



To proactively address the social issue of poverty and social justice by the advancement of a more equitable opportunity for disadvantaged youth to participate in music lessons.

Volunteers are post-secondary students or community members who provide one-on-one piano lessons to students in inner city schools at no charge. The HCPP provides a way for members of the community to share their love of music with children who would otherwise not have the opportunity to learn how to play the piano.

The program is not only intended to give the students musical skills. Through exposure to positive role models, opportunities to attend live music performances, and the fostering of a sense of accomplishment, students will gain self-confidence, a greater sense of the overall cultural community, pride, and self-esteem.